Hydrogen Peroxide Solution (stabilized) -Technical Grade


Hydrogen Peroxide is the most Eco-Friendly and versatile oxidising chemical available in today’s world. Our products are specially designed to meet the demands of the end user applications. Asian Peroxides Ltd. produces Hydrogen Peroxide exclusively by the Auto-oxidation process, the “State of art” process for producing Hydrogen Peroxide.


Hydrogen Peroxide finds it’s application in various areas, some among them are

  • Pulp and Paper bleaching
  • Textile bleaching,
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Water/ waste and effluent treatment
  • Mining / Metallurgy

Physical Properties

Hydrogen Peroxide is a clear, colourless liquid. It’s density is slightly higher that that of water, but it is miscible with water in all proportions. Hydrogen Peroxide decomposes exothermally to water and oxygen with no toxic residues. The decomposition is normally slow (<1%/yr), but is accelerated by heat and decomposition catalysts, such as metals and their compounds, strong acids and alkalis.


Characteristics Units 50% 35%
Concentration % w/w Min 50.00 35.00
Stability ml/min Max 0.30 0.30
Acidity (as H2SO4) g/100ml Max 0.015-0.03 0.015-0.03
Residue on evaporation g/100ml Max 0.20 0.15
Residue on ignition g/100ml Max 0.05 0.05
Iron (as Fe) g/100ml Max 0.0001 0.0001
Copper (as Cu) g/100ml Max 0.00001 0.00001
Lead (as PB) ppm Max 10 10
Arsenic (as As2O3) ppm Min 2 2

First Aid

Incase, any of these parts come in contact with Hydrogen Peroxide, follow the instructions as given below

Eye Contact : Flush the eyes immediately with clean water for at least 15 minutes. Call for a physician.
Skin Contact : Immediately flush skin with clean water while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. Call for a physician.
Inhalation : Remove the victim from the contaminated area to fresh air. Call a physician in case of any respiratory disorder symptoms.
Ingestion : Consult a physician immediately in all cases. DO NOT induce vomiting. If victim is conscious, rinse mouth and give fresh water.

Packing and Delivery

  • 30 litre HMHDPE carbuoy containing 30 Kg.
  • 50 litre HMHDPE carbuoy containing 50 Kg.
  • 20 MT ISO tank container for sea transport.
  • 9-16 MT road tankers

Information and Consultation

For More Details Information on Physical and Chemical Properties, Handling and Application of Hydrogen Peroxide, please write to us.

Our Technical cell will gladly assist you on application aspects of Hydrogen Peroxide.