Company Profile

Mr. Kuldeep Singh Arora, the founder of the most popular firm of the field, B.C. Dye Chem & B. C. Petro Chem (Formerly Deep Traders), started  this firm  in the  year  1978. The firms started  their business activities by acquiring distributorships of some leading companies of the country in the field of chemicals. With this the firms became amongst the biggest & most recognized business concerns in the field of chemicals & Solvents.

Today the firms is backed by the experience of about 30 years (Mr. Kuldeep Singh Arora), the added advantage of Management & Information Technology (Mr. Ajeet Singh Arora) along with the expertise of Marketing & Development (Mr. Jaspal Singh Arora). This has given it an edge over others, resulting into the phenomenal growth  in this field.

The Firm has sufficient office space to meet out its present requirements with ample of additional area for its future expansion, in a prime Industrial location in the city of Indore. The offices is well equipped with all modern  amenities  like  Phone,  FAX,  Computer system, email, web-site etc. and has well trained staff to handle present business activities efficiently.

The Firm also  possesses huge  storage facility  located at the seventh national high way A.B. Road (Ring -Road) so as to connect it to the main transportation. With open land to shades, storage tanks to carboy, the Firm has it all.

The Firm now possesses  storage facility located at the Industrial Area of Indore (Sanwer Road, Sector-F) so as to connect it to the main industries. With storage tanks capacities of  25 Kiloliter for explosive grade A & B Chemicals.

The Firm has its own sufficient funds to manage its affairs as well as to meet out gradual expansion. The owners are resourceful and well reputed and hence are in position to raise enough funds whenever required even for sudden requirements.

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Mr. Kuldeep Singh Arora founded B.C. Dye Chem in 1980 & B. C. Petro Chem  (Formerly Deep Traders) in 1978 at Indore. A very  limited  field for chemicals at that time he managed to keep the full range of chemicals consumed in Indore at that time. Then he developed a clientele of wide range like Textile industries, Pints, Printers, & Rubber Industries, Small manufacturers Dyers & so on. Thus he earned a name of ‘Perfect Service’, but simultaneously he also earned the name for quality products, by offering only pure and genuine products.

Gradually, with the development of food & textile Industry, he introduced acetic acid in his range. Later on, with the advent of Printer & Dyers, the range widened with Ethyl acetate in addition to the items for inks & printer, Rubber chemicals etc. This gave the firms a status of “House Chemicals & Solvents”.

Apart from business front, he is actively involved in many other activities. He has been the founder Hon. Secretary of Indore Chemical Traders Association. He was a member of Rotary Club International, Pithampura (Industrial Area) He has served on many important posts of various organizations Technical, Trade as well as social and still involved with many of them. Such activities have not only earned him popularity, but also helped develop personal relations with the top people from may industries and trade, directly and indirectly the things do help in business. Being a member of certain clubs & organization has made him outstanding.

With expansion, diversification and development, Mr. Kuldeep Singh Arora maintained the name as  a man of commitment and reliability. This gave him an edge over others when fierce competition set in. Even today also “B.C. Dye Chem & B.C. Petro Chem (formerly Deep Traders)” are reckoned as the synonym to reliability.

Located at the seventh national high way A.B. Road (Ring-Road), our warehouse unit has high storage capacity to stock our range of industrial chemicals, industrial solvent chemicals, organic chemicals and dyes and inks in bulk quantity. We have another warehouse located at the Industrial Area of Indore (Sanwer Road Sector-F), Madhya Pradesh (India), with storage tanks capacities of 25 Kiloliter for explosive grade A Chemicals. Our warehouse spreads across a vast area of 12500 square feet which enables us to store our range of product in bulk. Our warehouse is equipped with all the facilities including open land, under shade land, storage tanks, and carboys.

It has been internally divided into a several sections to facilitate an easy accommodation of Industrial Acids, Industrial Solvents, Leather Chemical, Printing Ink & Adhesives, Textile Chemicals and Rubber Chemicals. These sections assist in easy access and retrieval of the stocked products, assisting in fulfilling the bulk and urgent orders in a well-organized manner.