Hydrogen Peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) offered by us is a pale blue liquid; this appears colorless in a dilute solution, slightly more viscous than water. It is a weak acid which is widely used in the textile industry. Its strong oxidizing properties make its perfect as a powerful bleaching agent. This is mostly used for bleaching paper, but has also found use as a disinfectant, as an oxidizer, as an antiseptic, and in rocketry (particularly in high concentrations as high-test peroxide (HTP)) as a monopropellant, and in bipropellant systems.

Sodium Sulphide

The quality sodium sulphide offered by us is mainly used in textile, pulp and paper industry. Sodium sulphide is used as oxygen scavenger agent in water treatment process to protect developer solutions from oxidation in photographic industry. These are also used as bleaching, desulfurizing, dechlorinating agents in textile industry. Due to accurate composition, our range finds application in ore flotation, oil recovery, food preservative, making dyes and detergent.

For removing hair from hides and skins in tanneries
As a selective and cost-efficient reducing agent in pharmaceutical industries tanneries
For obtaining sulphur black dyes
Ore floatation
As analytical reagent
In viscose rayon industry for removing sulphur
In the production of heavy water used for atomic power plants
To remove heavy metals from waste waters in many industries
In the craft wood-pulping process, it is used in synthetic cooking liquor
In the manufacture of lubricating oils
For the production of polysulphide elastomers

Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite

The sodium meta bi sulphite offered by us is a white to very faint cream color crystalline material. With the pH of 5% solution ranging from 5.0+0.5 at R.T, these are perfect for various textiles industry. The iron as Fe content is 0.05% maximum and the purity as Na2 S2 O5 is 95.0% minimum. Further, this sodium meta bi sulphite is slightly hazy solution free from extraneous impurities.

Specifications :
Physical Appearance: White to very faint cream color crystalline Material
Appearance of 20% Aqua Solution: Slightly Hazy solution free from extraneous impurities Pale yellow color
pH of 5% Solution: From 5.0+0.5 at R.T.
Thisulphate as: Na2 S2 O3 5H2O 0.5% (max)
Heavy Metal as P.B.: 0.05% (max)
Iron as Fe: 0.05% (max)
Purity as Na2 S2 O5: 95.0% (mini)
Purity as SO2: 64.0% (mini)
Purity as NaHSO 3/2: 100.00% (mini)
Insoluble Matter: 0.05% (max)
Chlorides as (CL): 0.06%
Sodium sulphite: 5.00 (max)

Sodium Meta Bi Chloride

The quality sodium meta bi chloride offered by us is processed in compliance with the international standard. These sodium meta bi chloride are white to off white crystalline free flowing powder and are available as per the requirements of our valued clients. These are perfect for most of the industrial as well as commercial use. Almost insoluble in water, this chloride is widely demanded in the market. Further, our sodium meta bi chloride is appreciated for its quality, purity, and accurate formulation.

Textile Sodium Bi Chromate

Textile sodium bi chromate has the chemical formula as NA2CR2O7.2H2O. This is an orange crystal grain and is easy soluble in water. Our range is widely used in the textile industry as an oxidation agent. Our chromate is also used as chrome acid production, chrome production pigment tanning oxidant and for wood preservation. Offered in plastic woven bags these can also be used for the production of pesticide products.

Textile Acetic Acid

Since our inception, we have been satisfying our global clients offering acetic acid with molecular formula CH3COOH. Acetic acid offered by us is a clear liquid free from suspended matter having pungent odor at temperature above crystallization point.
We procure textile acetic acid from reliable sources and are stringently tested at our end for purity, quality, composition and formulation. Widely used in the textile industry, these acids are colorless liquid or crystals in appearance.

Textile Oxalic Acid

Textile oxalic acid offered by us is the compound with the chemical formula H2C2O4. This is a dicarboxylic acid and can be well again described with the formula HOOCCOOH. It acts as a relatively strong organic acid as it is about 3,000 times strong as acetic acid. Oxalic acid is basically used in the textile industry, but can also be used for the extraction of rare metals, polishing of marbles and other stone surfaces, cleaning and polishing of metals. These are used as a mordant in dyeing processes in the chemical industry.